5 things I’ve learned in 10 years of lettings

  1. Every property for let needs a professional ‘end of tenancy’ clean BEFORE viewings commence. Your weekly cleaner can’t do it. It is a different, bigger job and needs to be done well.
  2. You need a professional inventory, even though it is ‘unfurnished’. This is not just a list of contents; it states the condition of the whole property – and is your only evidence if a dispute arises.
  3. Some agents will tell you that they have ‘let’ the property and so you can stop viewings. Unless they have received a deposit, it is not true. Anyone serious will be glad to pay this advance to secure the property, subject to references.
  4. Don’t have too many agents. If you have two good agents on it and it has not let then the rent is the problem, or the property is, not the agent. Adding a third looks desperate to tenants.
  5. Fees – if someone will work for pennies ask yourself: why are they so desperate for business? And also, whose house will be shown first to viewers? Yours (the one with the low fee) or the other one with the better fee? That’s reality. The sums involved are negligible compared with the annual rent so don’t make a false economy.

Also, Are you aware of the recent new regulations for smoke and C02 alarms?  Phone us and ask!

David McGeachie, Tenant Finder

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