6 random questions… Niamh Cusack


Actress Niamh Cusack is appearing in My Brilliant Friend at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. Living In Magazines asked her six random questions…

Favourite theatre (apart from The Rose Theatre, of course)?
Probably the Dorfman at the National. But I have also really loved working at HOME in Manchester and the Sheffield Crucible studio.

Ibsen or Shakespeare?
Do you know what, I really, really cannot say. They are the two greats as far as I’m concerned. The language of Shakespeare is unparalleled. But the understanding of humanity that both these playwrights reveal is pure gold. Both playwrights for me remind us how epic it is to be alive. That’s what I love. So sorry. I won’t choose.

Do you get stuck into a good meal before or after a theatre performance?
Before. And then I snack when I get home, ‘cos I’m always starving.

Do you have a close friendship, like Elena and Lila’s? 
I have four female friends with whom I have very close friendships. And then there are my sisters…

Current events – on the sidelines or on the march?
I’m a marcher. I marched against Brexit. And if I hadn’t been rehearsing on that Saturday, I would have protested against Trump. If we keep being vocal, keep being seen and heard in our protests things might change for the better…

What do you love about living in Barnes?
I feel blessed every day living in Barnes, walking by the river. The amount of green and trees there is a stone’s throw away from our front door.

My Brilliant Friend is on at The Rose Theatre, Kingston 25 February – 2 April. Tickets £31-£81. Box office: 020 8174 0900

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