Cat tales


That Cat Is The Laziest Cat In The World  is a delightful book for young children aged 3+. It was inspired by the family cat, Casper, of local Kew resident, J-F Burford.  Casper spends all day curled up on the sofa fast asleep, but every night he goes out, and stays out until dawn, returning exhausted to take his place on the sofa once again.  So where does he go and what does he get up to? Casper’s adventures unfold in a series of brightly coloured pages, allowing the reader to help their child create their own stories through the pictures,  discovering new places, new friends and new wonders around the world.

J-F Burford studied at Ealing School of Art, before working as an Art Director in Advertising agencies, creating well-known advertising campaigns as well as writing TV  ideas and formats. He lives in Kew, with his family and, of course, Casper the cat.

Ian Heath a local Illustrator, also lives in Kew. Ian studied at St Martins School of Art before becoming a cartoonist for such publications as Punch, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and many other magazines and newspapers. Ian creates comical illustrations of cats, frogs, cows and penguins for his satirical paintings and birthday cards.

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