England v Germany 1914 re-enactment


Comedian Jack Whitehall captains the English team at Barn Elms in a match against Germany to commemorate the Christmas Eve cease-fire – 10 December

On the Western Front on Christmas Eve 1914, silence fell over the battlefield and through the quiet came the sound of German soldiers singing Silent Night. The English joined in and, with white flags raised, both sides ventured out from their trenches to exchange gifts and to play a football match. In remembrance of this night, Arsenal legend, Lee Dixon, will referee a re-enactment of the game, with comedian Jack Whitehall captaining the English team and the president of the Borussia Dortmund Fan Club supplying the German team.

The evening before (9 Dec), Michael Morpurgo and friends will perform the story The Best Christmas Present In The World, telling the tale of the match.

Tickets £5 for the match, £25/£15 for both events. Advance ticket enquiries: screenyourstory@gmail.com

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