Fabulous fireplaces


It’s time to put another log on the fire, get cosy and snuggle up until winter is over. Our ideas will help ensure your fireplace looks as good as it makes you feel.

Improve your fireside décor
The fireplace wall is often the focal point of the room, and can look amazing when treated as a feature wall, using either striking wallpaper or a paint colour that contrasts with, yet also complements, the colours used in the rest of the room.

Fireplace accessories can be quite distinctive and are usually on display, so choose pieces, whether contemporary or traditional, that co-ordinate both with your room as a whole and with each other.

Above the fireplace, add either a work of art or a mirror that is proportionate to the space. A mirror is very useful for reflecting light around the room, but don’t feel it has to be a traditional overmantel – something more contemporary may fit better with your style.

Think about what is displayed on your mantelpiece. Photographs, candles, small ornaments and vases of flowers, collections…anything goes provided it fits. A formal, symmetrical arrangement is easy to achieve and suits a traditional room, or else something more freeform can be eye-catching and intriguing.

Not using your fireplace? It can still be a great feature. Stack logs within it, prop up a framed picture, display a large ornament such as a shell, a piece of coral or antlers, set up a group of candles, or simply use the space for a display of flowers in a simple vase.

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