Healing hands – taking off the pressure


Dr Sanvir Maharaj’s own experience of dealing with pain after a car accident has given him a deeper understanding of the body during his work as a chiropractor

Dr Maharaj was in his 5th year of chiropractic college when he was in a major car crash. His right arm was shattered and had extensive nerve damage, leaving him with almost no feeling, except in his fingers.  Recovery was painfully slow until he devised his own programme of rehabilitation, using chiropractic adjustments, exercises, stretches and positive visualization.

After eight gruelling months, Dr Maharaj started to regain the feeling in his arm and by 12 months he was back to full strength. He’s been in practice for more than 10 years now, but looks back at that period as a definitive time: ‘Going through injury and devising my own rehabilitation has enabled me to look at problems in a different way – finding solutions when others have given up.’

Chiropractic can help a huge range of conditions, including back pain, arthritis, sciatica, disc problems and joint pain as well as improving posture and athletic performance, aiding weight loss and helping to alleviate asthma and allergies. It works by making small adjustments using gentle force, returning the spine and joints to their normal position. Pain or discomfort can become the norm, particularly if you have lived with it for years, but Dr Maharaj’s work shows that it is possible to treat problems unique to you – and that complete recovery is an option.

Dr Maharaj has worked in some of the biggest chiropractic practices, but his new clinic on Richmond Hill offers state-of-the-art equipment, including x-ray, thermal scans and a pulse wave profiler which measures the variations in heart rate in a resting state and is used to determine what levels of stress your heart can take.

‘We offer one of the most thorough examination available in the UK today, which means patients get the correct diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible. For all-round wellbeing, we also have massage recliner chairs which not only help with relaxation, but aid circulation, and therapeutically massage the whole body, including your feet! We can also offer advice on diet and nutrition and will be offering meditation workshops.’

Healing Hands offers the most thorough initial consultation available, with the latest state-of the-art equipment for diagnosis:

*Postural analysis
*Weight distribution analysis
*Neurological Thermal scan
*EMG scan
*Heart rate variability
*Blood pressure
*Pulse oximetry 

If you have a problem which hasn’t been fixed yet, call Dr Maharaj for a chat about how he can help.

Dr Sanvir Maharaj
26 Richmond Hill, Richmond TW10 6QX
020 8948 9102

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