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Did you know that while many dentists have some training in orthodontics, only a few have specialist training? Dev Arya is one of them

devWe go to the dentist for any number of reasons, whether it’s to have a cavity checked out or a veneer fitted, but you always want to know that you are in expert hands. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the development, prevention and correction of irregularities of the teeth, bite and jaw. Although many dentists have had some training in this area, only a few have had the many years of specialist training needed to correctly diagnose and treat cases.

Dev Arya of Kew Dental Care trained in the UK and is registered on the Specialist List for Orthodontics. Says Dev: ‘The criteria for entrance to the list includes successfully completing a three year postgraduate training Masters programme in Orthodontics. I have been on the Specialist List for Orthodontics since 2001 and am an active member of the British Orthodontic Society and World Federation of Orthodontics.’

But it is not only her credentials that make Dev loved by her patients – as well as having many years of experience, she is calmly reassuring and takes the time needed to explain treatment options and do a great job.

So why choose to go privately? The NHS is constrained by tight budgets which means only certain cases are eligible for treatment, using limited materials. It is also extremely difficult to get adult orthodontics on the NHS.

With private care, there is more time to spend with patients and treatment options are tailor-made for you. Private care can offer more orthodontic options, such as:

  • conventional fixed braces but with tooth-coloured brackets and less obtrusive wires (like Tom Cruise)
  • Lingual braces, that go on the inside of the teeth so that they are not visible (as worn by Kate Middleton before her wedding)
  • Invisalign – very thin, clear gum shields, worn almost invisibly over the teeth (pictured, bottom left). As an added bonus, where appropriate, the final set of aligners can be used as tooth whitening trays, so you can really show off your new smile!

Dev says: ‘More and more adults are choosing to improve the look of their teeth and the lingual braces are particularly useful as they fit on the inside not the outside, so are almost undetectable.

‘Working alongside restorative dentists and an implantologist allows us at Kew Dental Care to provide comprehensive treatment planning for everyone, so do get in touch.’

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