Love Mortlake group steps up campaign


Love Mortlake campaign in Living In MagazinesPlans to redevelop the 21-acre Mortlake Brewery site are welcomed by most residents, but there are serious concerns about planned housing density, traffic implications, and loss of the historic sports field.

The Love Mortlake campaign is urging locals and all those with an interest in the area to write to Richmond Council to make their views known.

The campaign team has prepared a letter to the new leader of the Council, Paul Hodgins, urging him to ensure that the redevelopment meets the needs of all residents for many years to come.

Top of residents’ concerns are traffic, parking and pollution from more than 700 additional vehicles.

The positioning of a new 1200-pupil secondary school on the sports field has upset many residents, and raised questions about where students will relax during breaks.

The Sheen Lane level crossing is already dangerous and residents say the redevelopment plans should include measures to improve safety, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

Many locals also feel that loss of the historic sports field and trees at Chalkers Corner is unacceptable.

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