Need to exercise? Read Physio On The River’s top tips!


Do your New Year’s resolutions include getting fitter after indulging yourself over the Christmas period? January is the most common time to join a gym or start a fitness regime, but statistics show that very few of us ever keep it up!

I recently read a shocking statistic that 40% of middle-aged adults take less than 10 minutes continuous brisk walking per month!

Why is exercising important?
We know that exercising is good for your mental health and well as physical health. The over 50’s lose 2% of muscle power each year unless they take positive steps to combat this. This is why elderly people can become prone to falling.

Why don’t we stick to it?
The most common excuse for not exercising is lack of time. Read our great tips for helping you stick to your resolution and enjoy a better quality of life!

Manage your expectations – it apparently takes about 66 days to form a new habit, so you need perseverance. It’s good to know that if you can keep going for about 9 weeks you are likely to have embedded that new habit for life!

Exercise snacking – some recent research showed that doing 6 lots of 5-minute bursts of exercise is just as good at reducing blood sugar and fat levels as doing 30 minutes of continuous brisk walking. This is great news for those who are time poor.

Get an exercise buddy – the thought that you might be letting someone down means you are much more likely to commit to something regularly.

Join a class – for similar reasons joining a class can make exercising more fun and sociable. It also pins you down to a time each week and having paid for something in advance will make you more likely to commit.

Get a personal trainer – some people like the one on one attention and motivation that a Personal Trainer can bring. Your trainer can keep your routine fresh and challenging.

Diarising your exercise – can help prevent other things taking over.

Get it done early! It’s so easy to put things off as the day progresses so get your exercise done early before you get busy and distracted.

Work exercise into your daily life – walking to work is a great opportunity to listen to books or podcasts. Alternatively, cycle to work or walk your children to school.

Sign up for a charity event. There’s nothing like a good cause to spur you on and it’s nice to share the experience with others!

Broadcasting your exercise resolutions to friends makes it much more likely you will stick to it.

At Physio on the River we offer 33 classes of Pilates, Yoga and Dance, Tone and Stretch classes every week. We also have two physios who are qualified in personal training. Dave or Richard can make sure you are exercising safely.

If you have a physical health issue that is preventing you from exercising, one of our team of physios can help you back to fitness.



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