Physio fit, bike fit!


With Richmond Park on our doorstep, cycling has become such a popular sport in this area!

Cycling places unique demands on the body and, here at Physio on the River, we frequently assess and manage people with problems related to cycling. These include aches and pains caused by cycling and the way the bike fits them, as well as movement issues and physical problems with their body that impedes their cycling (and often both at the same time!).

Therefore, it is entirely appropriate that we are now able to offer a comprehensive ‘bike fit’ assessment by a physiotherapist to ensure optimal performance, manage any individual musculo-skeletal imbalances in the body, minimize injury risk and keep you pedaling joyously.

What is the advantage of a physiotherapist carrying out your bike fit assessment?
As physios, we can not only assess if the bike is set up correctly for you, but we can also look at how well your physical make-up works on the bike. Not everyone is totally symmetrical and cyclists often carry old injuries and imbalances in their body. We have the background knowledge of the human body to assess what needs to be fixed in their skeleton and movement system for a more comfortable ride.

What is a bike fit assessment?
Bike fitting aims to maximise rider comfort. A well fitted rider should be able to sustain a relaxed position on the bike with minimal effort, without causing strain and overloading tissues.

The bike seat position IS NOT a normal sitting position but on a bike! It’s an entirely different posture.
The key to a successful bike fitting is that the rider is relaxed, their posture is optimal, weight is distributed evenly and comfortably, the joints are extended optimally to produce power and the foot is stable.

A bike fitting will take approximately 75 minutes. You should attend wearing cycling clothing, the footwear you cycle in (cycle shoes with cleats if used) and, of course, bring your bike. You will have your bike connected to a turbo machine and you should expect to be riding for up to 25-30 minutes of the time.

We may occasionally make recommendations on changes to components such as saddles, stems and handlebars and, as necessary, can help you to source them (though for most this shouldn’t be necessary).

We charge £180 for our new bike fit service. If you would like more information and a chat with our cycling physio guru Richard Game just call 020 8876 5690.

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