Sheen cinema: a flickering past


There used to be a beautiful Art Deco building on Sheen Lane – the Sheen Kinema. The spot, which is now the Parkway office building at the crossroads on Sheen Lane can’t be called beautiful any longer. But, back in 1910, it was the spot where Sheen’s first cinema, the Picturedrome, was built and then replaced, in 1910, by the elegant Art Deco Sheen Kinema in 1930. It was originally called The Sheen but had to change its name in 1940 in case an enemy parachutist could pinpoint where he was, so was renamed the Empire.  It was renamed again in 1945 as the Odeon. Sadly, it closed its doors in 1961 with the last movie, Very Important Person, with James Robertson Justice.

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