Under the Blue Sky
17 – 21 May
PaulDowney6In three subtly-linked acts, three pairs of teachers discuss love and lust with boldness and honesty, as writer, David Eldridge studies unrequited affection, obsession, sex, and even being happy. Nick (played by local Richmond actor Paul Downey, pictured) and Helen have been friends for three years since they slept together once, but they’ve got very different feelings about Nick taking a new job at a public school. Drunken Michelle is determined to sleep with her faithful confidant, the virginal history teacher Graham, but the recital of her various liaisons leads to a sinister reversal of the seduction. Finally, two older teachers, Robert and Anne, who have spent the school holidays together for many years, look up at the sky and begin to hope they could be happy.
Putney Arts Theatre. Tickets from £14.

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