Think yourself slim with Hypnotherapy…


Getting the body we want should be simple: it comes down to eating the right food, in the right quantities, and exercising. So why do our attempts to get healthy often result in more weight gain and an unused gym membership?

I don’t want to do this…and yet I can’t stop’
For long term change, we must target the way we THINK: why we eat the food we do; why we use food for purposes other than nutrition; why we eat the quantity we do.  Essentially, why are we out of control around food, sabotaging our efforts to get healthier?

The answer lies in our brains. 

Often, it’s simply bad habits which are an obstacle: we use food to soothe emotional pain, stress or boredom which becomes a habitual problem when our brains make the association between food and comfort. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in breaking negative patterns of behaviour and replacing them with something healthier. It puts you back in control of your brain, and your life.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a new mindset that will give you the body you want.

Nadine Abell, Clinical Hypnotherapist, says: ‘Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment for any problem with a psychological element. For example, my weight loss clients start to see food as something which, while pleasurable, is ultimately fuel for the body, rather than something to obsess over.’

Nadine Abell
Clinical Hypnotherapist
07969 741 964 / 0208 241 6718

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