Wild About Richmond & Kew


The book, Wild About Richmond & Kew, shows off the photographic skills of local, Andrew Wilson. His ability to capture the essence of urban village life are evident in his latest book,  the new offering in his successful ‘Wild About …’ series featuring different pockets of West London.
Andrew has spent over a year recording the best loved and most evocative landmarks of Richmond and Kew, including images of Richmond Hill, with a view so revered as to be protected by an act of parliament; events such as The Richmond Fair and Kew Midsummer Fete, plus all the parks and gardens including Kew Gardens and Richmond Park.
An introduction by local historian, Caroline MacMillan, sets the historical background and suggested walking trails through areas of interest are included. TV presenter and local resident, Bamber Gascoigne, has written the foreword, extolling the virtues of the area.
The book costs £23.99 and is available in Richmond at Waterstones, WHSmith and the Open Book, or can be bought directly from

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